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Resolving Problems in Costa Rica Since 1991 


Problems in Pura Vida Land? Are you a little frustrated with Paradise at the moment? 


Relax, bumps in the road are normal. In case you're wondering, "you're not the only one struggling in Paradise". We all do at some point in time. It's expected or at least should be!


We've been working on challenges and resolving problems in Costa Rica since 1991. We're a bilingual (English and Spanish) management firm helping foreign nationals and legal entities struggling with the Pura Vida Blues while investigating, analyzing, visiting, living, working, or residing in Costa Rica. We're as comfortable in the cities, beaches, mountains, and hideaways of Costa Rica as we are in the rest of Central America, North America, and Europe.


Your first question is on the house (free) with no further obligations. We operate companies in Costa Rica and the United States, so we can offer services in both jurisdictions and currencies which could impact your bottom line. To make life just a little easier, you can pay with cash, credit cards, and bank deposits in both jurisdictions. 

So, don't be shy, ask your question. After all, we are here to help, and only a click away. 

Pura Vida

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